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Eliminate the word aspiring from your vocabulary

Eliminate the word aspiring from your vocabulary

I listen to podcasts and radio shows of experts and professionals talking about how they got to where they are and what helped them become the successes that they are now. I love learning the stories of the sacrifices they made and advice they can give others. From all of these hours and hours of listening to all these shows, several pieces of advice have resonated with me. One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard (and I wish I could remember who said it so I could credit them) was to eliminate the word aspiring from your vocabulary.

When we first start something new or discover a new passion we want to pursue, we all feel like novices and amateurs. We feel the need to explain to the world that we recognize and are aware we are new. We know we aren’t our best yet and someday we want to be able to call ourselves writer, artist, photographer, poet, illustrator … or … you get the idea.

And we do this by prefixing our desired profession with one word; aspiring.

For a long time my own Twitter, Instagram, and Etsy bios all had ‘aspiring illustrator’ written in it. After hearing this advice I realized that I already am an illustrator. I have done the work and created many illustrations. I removed aspiring from my bios because the truth is I already am an artist and illustrator. I’m already doing the work.

No, I have not yet mastered being an illustrator. No, my work is not yet as valuable as professional illustrators that have had a 20-year career doing the work and honing their skills, but I already AM an illustrator. I already AM an artist.

And you probably are too. So remove the ‘aspiring’ ’cause chances are you already are what you are aspiring to be.

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