Normal is Boring

I was recently asked to describe myself and came up with the following: “I am a black sheep that tends to wander away from the herd.”

I’ve always been different and feel that how I see the world isn’t quite the same as everyone else. I enjoy my time alone and often wandering away from the path most travelled in search of exploring a new way around. Yes, there are many people I relate to and some I have a lot in common with but most of the time I just knew I was unique and different.

Growing up I loved the Garfield cartoon by Jim Davis and the message he gave that “normal is boring”. This message stuck with me and allowed me to embrace and celebrate the ways I was different rather than feel inferior because I wasn’t the same as everyone else.

I am an adventurous introvert. I get bored easily and love solving problems in creative ways. I love trying new things which means I often fail. Things don’t always work out but that is OK.

Normal is safe. Normal doesn’t attract attention whether positive or negative. And so if you don’t stand out and are mediocre in the middle there is little risk for getting hurt, failing or letting anyone (including yourself) down.

But the beauty of not being normal and standing out is that you get noticed. Your work gets noticed. Your work starts affecting people in a thousand ways.

And that is why I never want to be normal.

Tara Joy Andrews

Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Writer

Illustrator, Artist, Graphic Designer, doodler, snail mail enthusiast, typeface hoarder and creative addict.

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