You are not what you do

We’re all on our own journeys and we’re all at different points in that journey. We’ve chosen paths meant for us. However, our brains like order, we like categorizing things and we love it best when one label or title describes something and we can put things into those categories. And we like to put those labels on people too. I’d like us all to celebrate what makes you happy, because you are not what you do.

You’re an accountant, a customer service rep, a senior vice president, an assistant to the vice president … a ____________ fill in the blank. As a population we love titles to know where we all fit in – but I detest them.

The most dreaded question when I meet someone for the first time is when they ask me “What do you do?”

We all usually respond in a polite and concise answer summarizing our current job title so we don’t sound like we’re bragging with something like, “I am a graphic designer at a small creative agency.”

That’s what I do.

That’s not who I am.

Who I am is a much more complex answer which is probably why we ask the question “what do you do?”, rather than “who are you?”.

I have many interests and passions that don’t always get applied to the work I do during the day or help to pay my rent.

The dream is to align the two so that you are able to do all the things you love to do and get paid for them all so you can pay the rent by doing the things you love but the reality is that before you get to that dream you have to work on helping someone else realize theirs and work for them.

Those extra projects that help recharge my batteries and use my creative skills in other ways are done on my own time, with my own defined progress and success.

I’m a writer, a photographer, an artist, an illustrator, a graphic designer, a WordPress enthusiast, a package designer, a surface pattern designer, a mentor, a mentee, and a blogger.

You are also many things.

Don’t let what you do define who you are or limit your dreams and goals. You are not what you do!

Tara Joy Andrews

Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Writer

Illustrator, Artist, Graphic Designer, doodler, snail mail enthusiast, typeface hoarder and creative addict.

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