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Beagle Wall Art

Beagle wall art and stationery

This beagle wall art and stationery is inspired by my best friend’s dog. She owned a Beagle that she adopted while I was present without her parent’s blessing. At first, she was told to take it back, but she somehow convinced her parents to keep the adorable pooch.

He became the family’s household pet and although it was a rough beginning, Blake (named after the poet Sir William Blake) had a long, healthy and happy home with my friend’s family. I made this artwork for her birthday.  It depicts him with a favourite accessory that she tediously washed weekly, his green bandana.

May 13, 2016
Happy Hour Makers Market
May 31, 2016
Pretty Postal Swap
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Hi, I’m Tara, a Graphic Designer, and Illustrator that works Full-Time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. My weekends are spent illustrating adorable characters wearing glasses inspired by our unconditionally loved household pets, creating handwritten mail for friends, family, and strangers, and being motivated by other artists and designers scrolling through my Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds. All opinions are my own unless clearly stated. I am not endorsed or paid for my opinion on anything appearing on my website.

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