52 Letters Mail Challenge

This year, I have decided to try to send more mail to friends and strangers around the world. Which evolved into sending a letter a week in a 52 letters mail challenge.

It is no secret that I love traditional hand written letters. There is nothing quite like getting a brightly coloured envelope in your mailbox from a loved one or friend. And when you open and read their handwriting it feels like you have just sat down and had a long friendly chat.

In such a busy and digital world, we often feel alone and miss the personal connections with other humans. Sending out some happy mail is my small way of trying to reconnect with others around me near and far.

I first became inspired to start a 52 letters mail challenge earlier this year by the writer, Michelle Houts. She has her own 52 letters in a year challenge so if this idea sounds fun for you, read her blog post about it. It is what motivated me to start my own!

I am an artist and graphic designer that loves working and playing with all types of mediums and in doing so I end up with small pieces of art that I would love to share with others. This mail challenge also allows me to share my work with the world and bring some joy and happiness into your day.

We all can use some more joy and happiness.

If you’d like to be part of my project, sign up below, I’d love to send you some mail to  brighten your day.

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Tara Joy Andrews

Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Writer

Illustrator, Artist, Graphic Designer, doodler, snail mail enthusiast, typeface hoarder and creative addict.


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