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Join my July mail swap and send some snail mail!

Calling all snail mail lovers, pen pal addicts and anyone who wants to start sending mail again. Join my July mail swap. Usually, I send out mail to others like in my most recent thirty-day mail challenge. But this time I want to encourage strangers around the globe to interact with each other with pen and paper.

I fell in love with sending mail at a young age and still love that magical moment of getting a hand-written letter in the mail. Especially when it is from a stranger you have never met but took the time to write a friendly positive note to you and share a little bit about who they are and what they love. Over time these short notes can develop into lifelong friendships.

Please note that you may get paired with an international person.

What is a mail swap?

You provide me with your mailing address. I share that address in an email with someone else who is also interested in getting mail. Once you get your address, you can send your mail whenever you want but please send it by July 31, 2018! I use a third-party tool called tyform.com to collect and securely save your addresses.

Need inspiration on what to write?

There are many things you can share and write to your mail swapper. Think light small things like stickers, bookmarks, recipes, inspirational quotes. If you are feeling extra creative, write a short poem. A quick google search on ideas for pen pals will result in thousands of ideas. Don’t over think it, just get started!

Can I keep writing?

If you want to continue writing to the same person, simply ask in your initial letter if they’d like to continue a correspondence and provide them with your return address. You’ll be surprised how many people enjoy receiving and sending mail.

Sign up

Click the button below to submit your address for the July mail swap.

A note on Privacy

Please be mindful about people’s privacy. Do not share the address you receive with anyone else. The address is to be used for this July mail swap only unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties to continue a correspondence. I will store your address on typeform.com until all participants are signed up and given an address to swap with after which time I will delete all addresses. Addresses will be shared via my email address and also be deleted once the swap is complete.

To be included for future swaps you will be asked to submit your address again or sign up for my mailing list to be notified when the next one occurs. Thanks and happy swapping!

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Hi, I’m Tara, a Graphic Designer, and Illustrator that works Full-Time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. My weekends are spent illustrating adorable characters wearing glasses inspired by our unconditionally loved household pets, creating handwritten mail for friends, family, and strangers, and being motivated by other artists and designers scrolling through my Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds. All opinions are my own unless clearly stated. I am not endorsed or paid for my opinion on anything appearing on my website.

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